Frequently-Asked Questions


Does TransACTions work with small businesses?

We are always happy to work with small businesses! Although a few of our clients are quite large, many of them only have 1-5 employees. You will receive the same level of expert service as anyone else.

What industries do you work with?

Our client base varies quite a bit. We serve insurance agencies, restaurants, used automobile dealers, manufacturing, child care centers, farmers, photographers, auto repair shops and a variety of construction trades. 

I want to start a new business but I’m not sure where to start.

TransACTions can help you obtain employer identification numbers and sales tax numbers depending on your needs. We will advise on accounting software and how to set it up properly. Our staff can easily help you with payroll questions, too. While we aren’t attorneys, we can help you understand the tax advantages of the legal structure you may be considering for your business.

I want to keep my own books. Is that OK?

Yes. We have several clients who want to do as much record-keeping themselves as possible. Others choose to have our staff do almost everything for them. Some take a middle-of-the-road approach. Whatever you choose, we are available to  help guide you through any challenges. We want to be your partner!

How much do you charge?

It depends on the services you choose to have us help with. Our rates are very competitive, though. Every business is different so let’s have a conversation about the needs of your individual business. Then we can tailor an affordable plan for you, too.

Do you require retainers or long-term contracts?

No. It is not our intent to lock someone into a plan or service they aren’t finding useful and/or efficient. We’ll help you get organized right where you are today and, as your business grows, we’ll be there beside you to meet the accounting, consulting and tax needs you actually want. Nothing less, nothing more.



Does TransACTions do payroll?

Yes. Almost all of our payroll clients are processed utilizing a partner vendor that we are extremely pleased with. No, it doesn’t cost our clients any more because of our economy of scale. We can enter your information on schedule or you may choose to do that yourself through our website portal designed specifically for that purpose.

I have a sales tax question. Are you familiar with sales tax reporting?

Of course. I would say most of our clients file sales tax reports each month. Some of them have to file in multiple states! Our staff is very knowledgeable and experienced with sales taxes. No problem.

Can TransACTions help my business become profitable?

Boy, do we love to hear this one! Nothing is more satisfying  to us than seeing our clients succeed. We have an Accredited Small Business Consultant on staff who has many years of business experience and multiple resources to draw from. Combined with our experience with accounting and taxes, we’ll team up to help you get on the right track to meet your goals.

Can you help file my taxes, both Federal and State?

Gladly. We prepare nearly 200 tax returns each year. The difference at TransACTions, though, is that we take time to explain your return when you pick it up. We’re also available throughout the year for tax-planning questions and strategies.

I’ve fallen behind filing my tax returns and I can’t pay. What should I do?

I got a letter from the IRS! Help!

First of all….don’t panic. It is a good idea to react promptly, though. TransACTions has Enrolled Agents on staff to help solve tax problems, large or small. Enrolled Agents are authorized by the IRS to represent clients anywhere in the US. You’re in good hands with our experienced EA’s working on your behalf.

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