Consulting Services

You might say we’ve “been there and done that!” Put our consulting services knowledge and experience to work for you! Let’s have a conversation soon. Don’t put it off!

TransACTions, LLC offers consulting services to help business owners tackle the toughest problems. We have an accredited small business consultant on staff full-time.

How many times have you tried to make a business decision but just weren’t quite sure what to do? Maybe you wondered about the tax consequences of buying equipment or whether you were getting a good deal.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced business consultant available to help you make that decision? How about someone who could also speak to the accounting and tax aspects of the question you were facing?

At TransACTions, LLC we do our best to be available to our clients for questions such as these. A lot of our consulting work is done for accounting or tax clients who encounter questions and decisions on a daily basis. That’s how we like it!

We are also available for stand-alone projects for clients who need help with a specific problem in their business. Sometimes qualified third-party advice is all it takes to solve the issue.

Why not put the TransACTions team to work for you?

Our Expertise

Steve Hutson has more than 39 years of business experience in a variety of ventures including construction, real estate, sales, even a nationally-branded service franchise. He has earned the designation, Accredited Small Business Consultant.

Mary Hutson graduated from the accounting program at Surry Community College in 1992 and has been involved in growing a large, successful family business from the ground up. She has a wealth of experience that covers the whole spectrum of business from payroll to insurance & bonding, to human resources and, of course, taxes and accounting. Mary also holds an ABA (Accredited Business Accountant) certification.

Additionally, Mary has qualified as an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. This designation authorizes her to represent clients on tax matters before the IRS.

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consulting services

We Love Happy Clients

“I wanted to make sure that my new business was going to be able to support me financially. I wanted to plan and budget for things that I would never think to happen. Mary helped me do that and then some. Because of her diligent expertise, I have been able to to do more than survive…I’ve been able to LIVE! Thank you, Mary!” L.S., Mount Airy

How can TransACTions help you?